In Thailand, sea turtles hold the esteemed status of “protected species” as per the prevailing law, with green sea turtles listed as “endangered” and leatherback sea turtles as “critically endangered”. These classifications emphasise the urgent need to protect these species and prevent their extinction in the wild.

Since 1994, ลากูน่า ภูเก็ต has collaborated with the Phuket Marine Biological Center to establish a turtle conservation program. The program serves as a platform to raise awareness and educate participants on the significance of preserving the ocean ecosystem. The program also aims to enforce Laguna Phuket’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and provide a unique and memorable experience for its valued residents and hotels’ guests.

On Saturday, 20th April 2024, residents of Laguna Phuket and guests from various hotels, including อังสนา ลากูน่า ภูเก็ต, บันยันทรี ภูเก็ต, แคสเซีย ภูเก็ต, ดุสิตธานี ลากูน่า ภูเก็ต, Homm Suites Laguna, and ทราย ลากูน่า ภูเก็ต attended the annual program. The program presents a unique and exciting opportunity for participants to release a sea turtle into the ocean. A ticket priced at 4,000 Baht allows up to four individuals to participate in the release of a single sea turtle. In addition, a range of merchandise, including T-shirts and hats, was made available to purchase, with all proceeds from the ticket and merchandise sales being dedicated to the Phuket Marine Biological Center. The funds were specifically dedicated to supporting Phuket Marine Biological Center’s ongoing efforts to conserve and rehabilitate sea turtles. The event witnessed the successful release of 40 sea turtles back into their natural habitat in the ocean.

Laguna Phuket has made significant contributions to the country’s sea turtle conservation efforts, consistently demonstrating its commitment to this cause. Over the years, the organisation has released 2,186 sea turtles into the Andaman Sea, raised an impressive 7.3 million Baht to support Phuket Marine Biological Center, and engaged more than 4,800 participants in its sea turtle conservation program. These achievements are a testament to the organisation’s dedication towards environmental sustainability and conservation.

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