Welcome to Laguna Park!

The best memories include good food and quality time with the people you love

Visitor Farm

Bring your family to our visitor farm and let your kids discover the joy of learning through food! We grow a variety of tasty plants like cucumbers, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. Your kids can explore different types of organic veggies while having fun at our Visitor farm.

The Playground

Discover a world of adventure at our wooden playground! Perfect for ages 3-12, it’s the ideal spot for imaginative play and exciting physical challenges

Lake Fit Trail


Enjoy a fun and relaxing time by going for a run, jog or walk at the Park, where you can take in the beautiful scenery of the lake and spend fresh and active time on the trails

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen is a new food concept that includes a restaurant and café, picnic areas in the gourmet park and a retail market selling deli products and fresh items directly from our farms. Located in the heart of Laguna Phuket, in Open Kitchen you can enjoy a fresh and delicious meal while admiring the lush green and lotus lake. Free daily yoga classes. Family friendly. Pets are welcome.

Let’s have a grub in the park with your folks.

Dog Park & Family Maze

Bring your furry friends to Laguna Park! We welcome pets and have a sidewalk by the lagoon and a special dog park for them to play and make new friends. Come visit us!

Pocket Forests

Laguna Phuket has embarked on a unique initiative to create ‘pocket forests’ in partnership with the rewilding specialists from SUGi. These mini-forests, inspired by Japan’s successful ‘Miyawaki method,’ are designed to thrive in different environments while fostering biodiversity.

Laguna Phuket’s project aims to invite nature in, combat deforestation and promote green spaces within the destination.
During the first phase, a total of 7,500 saplings, from 84 native tree species chosen from a survey of the last remaining virgin rainforest Khao Phra Thaew, were planted across Open Kitchen and Veya Grove. Laguna Phuket, with its Park, SEED farm, Pocket Forests and mazes has been focused on creating public green spaces as part of its commitment to developing sustainable communities. Responsible tourism can coexist with and benefit the natural world!

Birds in The Park

Get to know more of our various type of birds in Laguna Park Phuket

More than 20 types of tree is waiting for you to explore more…

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