Your Guide to Songkran in Phuket

April 13 – 16

Songkran, Thailand’s most famous festival, is a time of celebration, reflection, and renewal. The festival marks the start of the Thai New Year and is celebrated across the country from April 13th to 15th. The streets come alive with water fights, lively music, and delicious food, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that’s sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re planning on being in Phuket during Songkran, there are plenty of things to see and do to make the most of the festivities. Here are a few recommendations:

1. Visit Phuket Town for the traditional Songkran parade: The parade is a colorful procession of floats and people dressed in traditional Thai clothing, complete with traditional dance performances and a water fight.

2. Join the water fight in Patong: Patong is known for its lively nightlife, and during Songkran, the streets come alive with water fights, foam parties, and live music.

3. Take part in the merit-making rituals at the temples: Songkran is also a time for reflection and renewal, and many Thai people visit temples to make merit and pay respect to their ancestors. In Phuket, some of the most popular temples to visit include Wat Chalong, Wat Phra Nang Sang, and Wat Sri Sunthorn.

4. Sample the delicious food: Songkran is a time for feasting, and Phuket offers a wide range of delicious local dishes to try, including seafood, curry, and noodle dishes.

5. Enjoy the nightlife: After a day of festivities, the nightlife in Phuket is sure to keep you entertained. From rooftop bars to beach clubs, there’s something for everyone.

As you can see, there’s plenty to see and do in Phuket during Songkran. Whether you’re interested in the traditional parades and rituals or prefer to join in the water fights and party scene, there’s something for everyone. So come and experience the joy and excitement of Songkran in Phuket – it’s an experience you won’t forget!

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