Developing Sustainable Communities

Laguna Phuket is a community nestled within a community — a network of hotels, properties, restaurants, services and leisure facilities – providing a wealth of jobs and a complete lifestyle for local, regional and international guests.

In delivering its services, Laguna turns back profits into a strong ethically motivated focus on socially responsible business that touches all stakeholders in our quest to deliver environmental and social benefits alongside increasing economic performance.

Since its establishment in 1984, which began with the rehabilitation of Bangtao Bay — once a tin mine and declared by United Nations Development Program as: “too environmentally damaged to have any development potential,” — Laguna Phuket has continued to safeguard its natural environment, cultural heritage, and promote a shared prosperity.

While Laguna Phuket has continuously supported associates with fair employment and well-rounded benefits, it has also maintained a commitment to communities through community relations and CSR efforts.

With a dedicated Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility team, Laguna Phuket community relations and CSR programmes are categorised under the following focus areas:-

  1. Cultural Diversity
  2. Social Equity
  3. Educational Empowerment
  4. Health & Sports Promotion
  5. Environmental Preservation