Laguna Phuket


Asia’s premier integrated destination, Laguna Phuket is a tropical paradise spanning 1,000 acres of lush parkland and beachfront. It is home to 6 world-class hotels and premium facilities: an 18-hole golf course, luxury spas, exceptional dining options and a variety of branded apartments and villas.

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Our History

Built on an abandoned tin mine, once considered too polluted to develop, Laguna has been recognized as one of the region’s leading resorts and most successful environmental projects. Since its establishment, which commenced with a seven-year rehabilitation journey from a tin mine to the integrated resort destination it is today, Laguna Phuket has remained committed to safeguarding its natural environment with projects such as the creation of pocket forests through the Miyawaki method of afforestation.

In 1984, our founders acquired 222 hectares of land on the site of an abandoned tin mine at Bang Tao Bay in Phuket, Thailand.

Though it was heavily polluted and considered a waste land, our founders dedicated themselves to cleansing the acid-laden soil through an extensive clean-up and by planting more than 7,000 trees.

In doing so, 10 years later the group’s flagship resort, Banyan Tree Phuket was launched in 1994. Since those beginnings, our passion and focus on the journey, sustainability, discovery and

the romance of travel remains at the core of the business today.

Today, it is where Asia’s first integrated resort – Laguna Phuket – was born, now with 6 world-class hotels and more in development.

With more than 1,400 rooms, the destination offers accommodations that suit all, from families with young children to intimate, luxurious stays. Hotel guests staying within Laguna Phuket are welcome to visit and enjoy facilities at all the resorts and use the destination’s shuttle bus and boat services. On top of the 7 Hotels, Laguna Phuket has a Branded Property division that offers sales and rentals of a variety of residences, apartments and villas for guests who wishes to live or invest in a holiday home within our integrated destination.

Laguna Phuket is the only destination on the island to feature both sea and lagoon-based water sports, and Laguna Beach is one of the first venues to fully integrate facilities to keep guests coming back for more. We offer many water sports and fitness activities, including volleyball, CrossFit, sailing, kayaking, jet-skiing, and paddle boarding. Explore our 8 Hotels and the countless activities and experiences that they offer!


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