Release Sea Turtles with Laguna Phuket !

Laguna Phuket have partnered with Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC) on sea turtle conservation since 1994. The annual sea turtle release aims to:

1. Build up awareness and educate about the importance of ocean ecosystem.
2. Create a memorable experience for guests through our event.
3. Raise funds to support ongoing sea turtle conservation and rehabilitation programs of the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC).

Join us and the sea turtle experts for our annual sea turtle conservation effort on the morning of Saturday 22nd and 29th of April in Laguna Beach, Angsana Laguna Phuket’s beachfront.


7:00 am Registration at Azura, Angsana Laguna Phuket
7:15 am Sea Turtle Conservation Talk and Education Program
7:30 am Release 20 Green Sea Turtles each week
8:30 am Event Ends

How to Donate

Our annual sea turtle event is a family friendly event, it is an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and loved ones, explore a tranquil sandy beach of our bay.
An early morning will be packed with conservation activities including conservation talks and a memorable send off to the 20 sea turtles each week.

The best part is the opportunity to witness one of the most incredible experiences, when our sea turtles set foot on the beach for the very first time and start moving their front flippers up and down when they see the brightest light on the lowest horizon. You may observe that some of the sea turtles might get disoriented and they may take a more circuitous route before turning head-first into the water.

We hope you can show support for our sea turtle species!

HOW? Sea Turtle Release Ticket – donation of 4,000 Baht
This ticket covers a maximum of 4 people, an opportunity to release ONE sea turtle, including refreshments.

1. Tickets are available from 18 April at Laguna Phuket hotels’ front desks and Laguna Phuket Sustainability Office.
A 500 Baht discount is given to any overnight stay guests, members and Laguna Phuket residents.
2. All proceeds go towards the Sea Turtle Conservation Program of the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC).
3. Since 1994, we have released 2,186 sea turtles to the Andaman Sea, 7.7 million Baht has been raised to support PMBC, and nearly 4,900 people have participated in our sea turtle conservation program.

We hope you can help us spread the words of goodwill and thank you very much for your continued support to Laguna Phuket Sea Turtle Conservation!

Check out our 2022 video: click HERE

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