School Life

We believe enrichment lessons will enhance the overall learning journey of our students. Children will develop a wider range of skills through lessons in music, sports, computer literacy, and ecology and the environment, as well as engage in activities like storytelling, cooking and food preparation, and yoga and mindfulness. 

The children will also acquire a much broader understanding of various cultures and develop self-discipline. Students will be given the opportunity to harness their potential and exercise their creativity and imagination through various mediums.

A pedagogy based on multifaceted inquiry 

A pedagogy based on multifaceted inquiry 

Learning happens when children explore, ask questions, discuss their ideas, and reflect on their actions and experiences.
Classroom environments are based on inquiry, curiosity, discussion, exploration of interests, interaction with peers, care for the environment, and exposure to social and cultural differences. Lesson plans are flexible and are designed to adjust to and meet each student’s specific needs and interests.

The environment as a Living classroom 

Learning spaces should promote exploration, inquiry, creativity, and love for nature. We put a premium on creating a conducive learning environment that inspires children to ask questions, make discoveries, create, and advocate for nature. A student’s learning space is not limited to the four walls of a classroom. Instead, the whole Laguna is the learning environment, with its forests, gardens, lakes and numerous activity and recreational spaces. 

School Calendar

8-12Preparation classes for K.1
15Semester 1/2023 starts (all level)
6Cleaning Community - World Environment Day
29Teacher Appreciation Day
14Oral health check - up
11Mother's Day
30Kids Market
21Educational field trip
22Science Camp
5-6English Camp
1-31School Break
1Semester 2/2023 starts (all level)
3Parent AGM
22Christmas events
29New year celebration
12Children"s Day
16Fire Drills
22Diversity day
8Little Sout activities
14School year ends
15Graduation Ceremony


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