About Silk

Laguna Phuket Kindergarten was set up in 1992 to serve the early learner needs of our community. It has since been recognized as one of the best early learning institutions in Thailand.

Situated within the famed destination of Laguna Integrated Resort, we emphasize a community learning environment to encourage cross-cultural perspectives and cohesion. We align with our group’s mission in embracing diversity and inclusiveness in all our approaches.

Introducing SILK 

Building upon the NEL (Nurturing Early Learner) principles of education for early learners designed by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, and inspired by its living classroom methodology, SILK is a Bilingual language program blended with a community learning environment by leveraging Laguna resources and capabilities. Thai and Chinese will also be included as language competencies.

As a sustained program in early childhood education, we serve students from all over the world seeking short to long term placements, with a flexible and child-led approach to nurture curiosity and creativity.

Our belief

Our philosophy stems from the interconnectivity of everything. And just as everything starts as a seed, we recognize the importance of early childhood education and in nurturing young minds so that they grow, become lush with potential, and eventually blossom into fruitful individuals. 

We hope our young will grow up respecting diversity and understanding peoples and cultures of the world. The empire of their future is the empire of their mind. We hope to shape thinking perspectives to encourage their curiosity, empathy and authenticity.

About silk

SWIFT: Our 5 core areas of Learning 

The educational outcomes of the SWIFT learning model are:


SILK is dedicated to helping create inclusive, peaceful, just, and sustainable societies. Our curriculum places these ideals at the center of everything we do with our children. These values are not taught as abstract ideas but are taught by example through adults’ clear, observable actions and are practiced in our daily routines. We strive to empower our children to become agents of change, by helping them to develop a grounded moral compass, sound critical thinking skills, and a holistic knowledge base to apply in their daily lives.

SILK envisions being the pioneer in embracing and protecting the environment and in empowering young minds to innovate, discover, and create possibilities. We believe that education is the foundation upon which we build more equitable communities and drive sustainable development.

Awards and Recognition

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