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Rock and Soul at Laguna Phuket’s Summer Family Festival

Media Release

Laguna Phuket’s Summer Family Festival will be rocking on Saturday night with a German Beer Party at Canal Village headlined by the Colin Hill Band with a variety of supporting entertainment.


With authentic German light and dark draught beers at Happy Hour prices all night, music from Live 89.5 DJs, performances from Palazzo entertainers, and a host of other attractions, it’s the perfect place to celebrate German Grand Prix weekend. and watch the qualifying round live in big screens. 


The fun starts at 5.00pm with a free welcome drink and canapés.


Meanwhile, Festival Artist-in-Residence Elsie Evans will be focusing on deeper aspects of life with special two-week session of Mandala painting workshops at  Phuket’s Banyan Tree Spa, beginning on Tuesday 24 July.


A Mandala – which means “centre’ and “periphery” in Sanskrit - has a central focal point from which elements of the image radiate.


Mandalas can be found in nature and in the art of many cultures, such as the design of western medieval cathedrals, Hindu Yantra diagrams, Navajo sand paintings and Islamic sacred geometry.


Elsie, who runs Attic Studios in Bangkok, says Mandala painting can be a fulfilling way of self-expression as a tool for contemplating life’s issues, by helping to calm thoughts and emotions, creating a centering and joyful experience and bringing a sense of wholeness.


Her Mandala painting workshops will be held at Banyan Tree Spa during the two weeks beginning Tuesday 24 July from 9.30am-12.30pm, for THB 2,000 per person including all materials and instruction. Afternoon classes at the Festival Art Studio in Canal Village are also available.


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