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Quest’s Portfolio Offers Variety of Unique Challenges

Media Release

Quest’s regional expansion is supported by its portfolio of unique team building programmes.

The portfolio was recently enhanced with “The Mole,” an espionage-themed event to test observation, planning and strategising skills.

A highly imaginative team building event, The Mole has “spies” infiltrating teams of “agents” to steal information and sabotage activities. The covert operations are perfect for a half-day schedule and likely to leave participants shaken – but not stirred.

Quest’s “Amazing Race” focuses on team synergy, strategising and execution of a solid plan, all involving a race against the clock with coded clues and maps.

“Survivor Challenge,” based on the popular TV reality show, brings teams together to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in a series of challenges that aim to improve intra-company relations through development of communication channels, resource management and camaraderie.

And also featured in Quest’s portfolio is “The Director’s Chair,” a creative challenge for teams to produce direct and star in a TV advertisement for one of their company’s products to be reviewed by a panel of “film critics” made up of their colleagues.

The complete portfolio of Quest programmes is continually updated, and all can be adapted and tailored to suit specific customer requirements.

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