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Quest Corporate Training Top Dog for Managers and Canines

Media Release

Managers of an international pet nutrition company have made life more enjoyable for the canine residents of Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation charity in a unique corporate training programme devised and run by Quest Laguna Phuket Adventure.

The half-day practical programme at Soi Dog Foundation was tailored for 30 regional managers of French-based Royal Canin, as part of a three-day off-site training meeting in Phuket.

Royal Canin managers were split into groups to complete tasks that included planting trees in dog’s enclosures to provide shelter from the sun; and designing and building a dog agility course.

When the agility course was completed - with see-saw, weave poles, ladders, jumps and tippy boards - it was tested by some of the 200 resident dogs rescued and cared for by Soi Dog Foundation.

The dogs’ use of the agility course tippy boards will be part of a dog psychology research project being carried out by Harvard University academic Jennifer Brown, currently studying at the Foundation.

Quest Laguna Phuket Adventure manager Alun Gathergood, said: “This was a corporate training programme tailored to the specific interests and needs of participants.

“At the same time, it contributed to a worthy community initiative by providing permanent benefits for the residents of Soi Dog Foundation.”

Soi Dog Foundation ( is a non-profit charitable organisation that helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand. It aims to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering, and has so far sterilised more than 31,000 dogs and cats.

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