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Laguna Launches Temple Tile Campaign in Support of Kamala Temple

Media Release

Laguna Phuket has pledged to provide thousands of personally autographed roof tiles for the reconstruction of the nearby Kamala Temple complex, which was badly damaged on December 26th.  
Through its Phuket Tsunami Recovery Fund, Laguna has committed 2 million Baht towards building the monk’s hermitage within the Kamala Temple complex, but wishing to attract more international attention to this worthy cause, the resort’s management created the “Temple Tile” campaign.   
The five Laguna hotels launched an elaborate campaign inviting previous guests to re-visit Laguna Phuket and make a unique personal contribution to Phuket’s reconstruction whilst aiding the recovery  of the tourism industry. Commencing this week, arriving guests at the five Laguna Phuket hotels will be invited to sign a roof tile that will be donated to the reconstruction of the Kamala Temple complex.  
“The signed roof tiles will be a permanent demonstration of our guests support for the local community,” commented James Batt, Managing Director of Laguna Phuket. “We identified the Kamala Temple project as  one of the most important reconstruction projects because the village temple lies at the very heart of community life. It’s the local meeting place where education, friendship and spiritual guidance are offered to
everyone, so it is imperative that it is adequately restored”.
As a coastal village, Kamala has long provided fun-filled vacations for international visitors, so members of the local and international community have come together to help the citizens of Kamala restore this  sacred place. Formed earlier this year, the Wat Baan Kamala project team is working to clean up and landscape the temple grounds, repair the existing temple structure and rebuild housing and facilities for the monks. The project aims to create a more beautiful temple complex than it was before, which both local and foreign visitors will bring their families to enjoy.
To this end, a popular Australian garden makeover television series entitled ‘Backyard Blitz’ will totally renovate and landscape the temple grounds in a matter of days. The ‘Backyard Blitz’ crew will visit Phuket from 17-21 July to film their season finale which will reveal the new look temple gardens on prime-time commercial TV to an Australia-wide audience. Qantas Holidays are also getting in on the act offering a special package holiday utilizing a direct charter flight to Phuket to coincide with the filming. Package guests will be invited to view a filming session and join the post-production party with the cast and crew.    
The Wat Baan Kamala project team is faced with the enormous task of raising 20 million Baht to complete their re-development plans, but with the help of Laguna Phuket, “Backyard Blitz” and many others this is an achievable goal.