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Laguna Holiday Club Rolls Out Sophisticated TimeShareWare Information System

Media Release

Configured To Meet LHC Requirements

13 July, Phuket, Thailand: Laguna Holiday Club [LHC], part of the Laguna Phuket destination resort on Phuket, Thailand, is now rolling out a sophisticated new enterprise information system called TimeShareWare that will vastly improve its operations and has some features unique to LHC.

The TimeShareWare Enterprise software was configured to meet distinct LHC requirements. Because there are several key differences between regulations in Asia and regulations in the United States, a different room configuration was added to the software; in addition, sales activities and policies for trade-ins and upgrades were adapted to meet the needs of Laguna Holiday Club.

TimeShareWare is a leading U.S. based technology provider for shared ownership resorts and is the industry standard software platform for shared-membership mixed-use resorts. Operating since 1993, TimeShareWare services vacation membership associations, fractional membership properties, and timeshare resorts including multi-site, single-site, and points-based clubs.

The TimeShareWare software platform includes solutions for lead management, sales and marketing, member accounting, property management, reservations, and web-based member servicing. It is based on Three-Tier Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), the goal of which is a worldwide integration of collaborating services. Calvin Choo, LHC Regional Operations Director, said TimeShareWare will streamline the reservation process and provide quick and efficient data search. “Important data are now just a few clicks away,” Mr Choo added. “Because of the flexibility of the TimeShareWare platform, Laguna Holiday Club was able to customize some rules as needed and still operate our business in the manner required.”
According to TimeShareWare’s Chief Marketing Officer, Allen Rice, one important benefit TimeShareWare brought to Laguna Holiday Club was the ability to combine all data into a single database.

“In the past, Laguna Holiday Club stored data in several systems, including spreadsheets that relied on people to manually extract and interpret information. TimeShareWare has been able to create an environment that stores all essential data ‘cradle to grave’ for each guest, prospect, and member. In addition, TimeShareWare provides a best practice platform for business processes, as well as intuitive workflow and user interfaces,” said Mr Rice.

Mr Choo said the software would have a significant benefit to LHC Member Service staff. “It provides quick, efficient data lookups and streamlines the reservation process. The reservation restrictions and rules engine will drive staff accuracy, and the booking staff will no longer need to memorize their internal rules or consult an array of rule templates. Once set up in TimeShareWare, rules are automatically enforced according to
every member’s rights and benefits. In the long run, it will create a higher level of customer satisfaction as each member can expect accurate and swift service with every request.”

TimeShareWare is not as prevalent in Asia-Pacific as in the United States but its use is growing. Other global branded enterprises in Asia also run the system. The system currently is used to service tens of thousands of users around the world. About TimeShareWare technology:

TimeShareWare says adopting SOA is essential to deliver the business agility and IT flexibility promised by Web Services. These benefits are delivered not by just viewing service architecture from a technology perspective and the adoption of Web Service protocols, but require the creation of a Service Oriented Environment that is based on the following key principals:
• Service is the important concept. Web Services are the set of protocols by which
Services can be published, discovered and used in a technology neutral, standard
• SOA is not just architecture of services seen from a technology perspective, but
the policies, practices, and frameworks by which we ensure the right services are
provided and consumed.
• With SOA it is critical to implement processes that ensure that there are at least
two different and separate processes—for provider and consumer.
• Rather than leaving developers to discover individual services and put them into
context, the Business Service Bus is instead their starting point that guides them
to a coherent set that has been assembled for their domain.
Specifically, The TimeShareWare Technology Platform is divided into three layers: 1)
The User Interface Layer, 2) The Business Logic Layer, and 3) The Data Layer. The
business Logic Layer (BLL) contains the core functionality and is divided into separate
functions or modules (see below):


What are the direct benefits of these Layers?
User Interface Layer (UIL) Provides the ability to create your own customized user interface with unlimited capabilities. Even when a software solution provides distinct benefits, there are always unique differences in the way you would like to use your system. TimeShareWare has not overlooked the pain and frustration inherent in this dilemma and has enabled its clients the ability to design a user-interface that fits their
specific needs.  Business Logic Layer (BLL) The TimeShareWare Platform consists of a series of
services or mini-programs that perform specific tasks, fetch and process data, and then return information to be viewed from the User Interface. The Business Logic Layer provides you with only the functionality you need. Each separate intelligent service operates independently; you need only purchase the ones that meet your current needs. As your business grows, new services can be easily added to meet the needs of growth of
your operation.

Data Access Layer (DAL) Provides performance and scalability so efficient data management is can be achieved at any scale. This architecture is inherently designed to handle very large multi-database systems. Even a resort with millions of leads and multiple databases will not slow the system down.