Asia's Finest Destination Resort

Getting around the expansive resort is easy with regular free shuttle bus and ferry boat services.

Canal Village Shopping Centre

If you are looking for some special treasures to keep the memories of your Laguna Phuket holiday alive, you needn't travel far to find them. Just inside the entrance to Laguna Phuket, and only minutes away by shuttle bus or ferry from the resort's seven hotels, is the Canal Village Laguna Shopping Centre.

Set around the village's pleasant courtyard are more than 30 shops offering a range of products and services from carefully crafted antiques to designer clothing; from film processing to currency exchange. One can easily while away a good part of an afternoon lounging in one of the cafes, or just strolling along the covered walkways to marvel at the fine window displays.

Canal Village Shopping Center



1 Laguna Tours
2 Thai Craft
3 Glow Beauty Salon
4 S.Cada
5 Broadway by Daniel Collection
6-7 Bangkok International Clinic
8 Ruen Thai
9 Co Co
10 Vacant
11 Sandy House
12-15 Jim Thompson Factory Sales Outlet
16 Cashmere Exclusive
17 Annisa
18 Vacant
19-20 Canalla Minimart
21 Canal Village Laundry & Dry Cleaning
21 Laguna Currency Exchange
22-23 Vacant
24 Roi Thai
25 The Exotic Farm by BBY
26-28 Vacant
29 Vacant
30 Canal Village Office
31 Laguna Phuket Discovery Center
32 Kag Silk Shop & Thai Souvenir
33 Vacant
33 Vacant
34 Vacant
35 N.F.Leather
36 Annisa Toys
37 Super Sports
38 Laguna Collections
40 The Maple Collection
41-42 Vacant
43 Rental Pool Owner Service Office
44-47 Jim Thompson Store
48-49 Albatross Café & Pub
50 Vacant
51 Albatross Leisure
52 Pik Lik
Building A Laguna Holiday Club
G.4-6 Village Bakery
G.1-3 Property Center
TAXI Jeep for Rent & Taxi Service