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The Mole

The Mole


A unique and highly imaginative team building event, this espionage-themed program has spies infiltrating teams of agents, stealing information and attempting to sabotage the efforts of the operatives. These covert operations are a perfect fit for a half day schedule and will likely leave participants shaken....not stirred.


Half Day


A flexible program, The Mole operates in any location, indoors or outdoors, and for any group size. In true secret agent style, participants will have to keep their eyes open and their senses highly tuned if they are to achieve their objective.

In their midst lie the moles. Concealed and anonymous. But always active. The story can begin the evening before the main team building event and participants immersed into this secretive world in which their every move is analyzed as they attempt to reveal the true identity of The Mole. This highly-themed program is a unique experience and one which will not soon be forgotten. It has gadgets galore, a thrilling backstory, evil villains and exotic locations. But sorry, no fast cars.

Price per person:

Pax: Price:
10-30 THB 2,500
31-60 THB 2,200
61-90 THB 1,900
91-120 THB 1,600
121-150 THB 1,300


Lunch or Dinner can be arranged upon request.

All price are exclusive of 7% VAT

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