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Corporate social responsibility: CSR at Laguna Phuket Resorts and Hotels, Thailand

Laguna CSR Overview

Triple  Bottom Line Performance for for Laguna CSR's Service

Developing Sustainable Communities:

Laguna is a community nestled within a community - a network of hotels, properties, restaurants, services and leisure facilities that provides a wealth of jobs and a complete lifestyle for local, regional and international audiences.

In delivering this service a focus on triple bottom line performance touches all stakeholders in our quest to deliver environmental and social benefits alongside increasing economic performance.

Our integration with local society creates memorable, vibrant experiences for guests and staff whilst synchronously developing relationships, security and a model for sustainable tourism.

Background of Laguna Phuket CSR:

Since its establishment in 1984 that began with the rehabilitation of Bang Tao Bay, once a tin mine and declared by the United Nations Development Programme as: "too environmentally damaged to have any development potential," Laguna Phuket has continued to safeguard its natural environment, cultural heritage, and promote communal prosperity.

While Laguna Phuket has continuously supported associates with fair employment and well-rounded benefits, it has also maintained a commitment to communities through community relations efforts and cultural events. Charitable projects within local communities have been implemented since 1992.

Recently in 2007, the CSR programme was initiated and focuses on social, environmental, and sustainable business development. CSR is currently driven from the bottom up by the Laguna Phuket Social Committee, comprised of core CSR personnel and representatives from all business units.

Key Target Areas

  • Social & Educational Development

    Social & Educational Development

    Social & Educational Development initiatives aim to build the capacities of local communities and associates through socially beneficial projects, adequate educational support, and access to quality educational services. Youths and community members benefit from a nurturing environment and healthy development. Associates reduce financial burdens, continue to advance professionally, and have a high satisfaction for familial welfare.

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  • Environmental Conservation

    Environmental Conservation

    Environmental Conservation efforts emphasize raising awareness on climate change and human impact on local natural resources. In partnering with local conservation efforts, Laguna Phuket supports various initiatives that ensure sustainable rehabilitation of marine and shoreline resources around Phuket Island.

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  • Religious and Cultural Preservation

    Religious and Cultural Preservation

    Religious and Cultural Preservation initiatives help to promote and preserve ancient traditions of various origins in local communities. In doing so, Laguna Phuket contributes to uplifting the spiritual well-being of associates, their families, and local community members, to ensure a balance between the influx of western influences brought by tourism and preservation of the local way of life.

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  • Associate Benefits and Relations

    Associate Benefits and Relations

    Associate Benefits and Relations initiatives strive to provide associates with a quality professional and personal life. As a community, Laguna Phuket values the well-being of associates and their families, and believes that holistic concern fosters lasting satisfaction, trust, and positive attitude among associates.

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