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Laguna Phuket Foundation | มูลนิธิ ลากูน่า ภูเก็ตLaguna Phuket Foundation was established in 2009 to support educational and social development of local communities, marine and natural environmental conservation, and emergency relief.

Laguna Phuket Foundation's current initiatives include Laguna Phuket's "Fully Booked!" Mobile Learning Centre, Survival Swim proramme, and School Partnership Project – components which form the Developing Sustainable Schools umbrella program. Other ongoing initiatives include the Laguna Phuket Community English Language Centre and the Sea Turtle Conservation programme.

Since 2009, the Foundation has:

  • Provided safe learning environments for 2 rural primary schools by renovating roof structures of 2 school buildings.
  • Equipped over 850 students aged between  12-15 with basic skills and knowledge about water safety, drowning prevention and CPR.
  • Enrolled over 1,000 adults and children in free English language courses taught by qualified native speakers at the Laguna Phuket Commnity English Language Centre.
  • Sponsored 4 satellite tracking devices to track juvenile sea turtles under the Phuket Marine Biological Centre’s conservation program, and provided funding to support sea turtle nurseries and a disabled turtle shelter.
  • Distributed 700 disaster relief packages to households affected by massive flood in Songkla Province in 2010/11??
  • Renovated student dormitories of a rural primary school in Suratthani Province damaged by flash floods in year?
  • Engaged guests, community members, associates, business partners, and local organisations in raising over 4.5 million Thai Baht to support our initiatives!

PLEASE DONATE now and help us continue to develop sustainable schools and communities, and conserve our precious environment for future generations.

Introducing New Initiatives

  1. School Partnership Project – Baan Yaan Sabaa School, Phang Nga Province

    In April 2013, the Foundation began a 2-year partnership with Ban Yaan Sabaa School, nestled deep amidst rubber and palm oil plantations in Phang Nga Bay. The primary school has 88 enrolled students and 8 classrooms. The student canteen is a dilapidated two-story patchwork building of mixed concrete and wood. Student meals are cooked on the first floor, and the students climb up unsafe rickety wooden stairs to eat their lunch on the second floor.

    Through this partnership, the Foundation will equip the school with basic facility maintenance and safety precautions skills over a period of 12 months, and will help to renovate the student canteen to provide a safe and healthy environment for the students.

  2. Laguna Phuket's "Fully Booked!" Mobile Learning Centre

    Laguna Phuket's "Fully Booked!" Mobile Learning CentreLiteracy is key to empowerment. For children and adults, words provide a window to the world. In Thailand, disparities between educational qualities unfairly reduce some children's potential as 30% of students have extremely poor reading ability (OECD, 2010). National Statistical Office Thailand reported in 2008 that more than 14% of Thai people can't read, and over one third of Thais don't read for pleasure or self education.

    Laguna Phuket's "Fully Booked!" Mobile Learning Center will provide services to disadvantaged schools in Phuket and nearby provinces to help increase access to books and learning resources, increase students' interests in reading, and improve teaching qualities within schools serviced.

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